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2:55 PM

3 Ways to Create a Wellness Tribe Wherever You Are

Isn’t it nice when you can let your hair down and just be yourself? When you can share your personal passion, struggles, or vision for the future, and have someone to turn to with questions, someone who actually “gets” you on a deeper level? That’s what a wellness tribe is all about! Read More
12:33 PM

Day 10 - 10 day blog challenge - Celebrating freedom

This 10-day challenge has been awesome. I have learnt so much in the last 10 days and it has really got me excited about living a life of freedom. I loved that no matter what I had on that day my most important action for the day was to write this blog post. I was part of a local wearable arts award event last weekend and so it could have been easy to say that I was too busy to blog. Instead what I did was get up early each morning and get the blog post written. I found that when I had a deadline to write the post I just got on with it and got it done. Read More
12:37 PM

Day 9 blog challenge - Location independence

Today we are writing about how we would take a location independent holiday for a month, while exploring the country we are visiting and still working. I have chosen to take a month long trip to Greece for the purpose of today's blog... something I want to do! Read More
9:00 PM

Day 8 10 day blog challenge - Choosing your adventure

Last night I was telling a friend that Carl and I are going to start to take Sunday's off and have some fun... so what great timing that having an adventure is today's topic.... we need to add adventure back into our lives for sure. Read More
1:36 PM

Day 7 10 day blog challenge - Beating procrastination and overwhelm

Procrastination is not my friend, the key to success is about taking small steps rather than waiting to be perfect. How many times do you see someone starting out in business and they get paralysed at the first step - making their business cards, they say that they can't start their business until they have their cards. I say forget the cards and just get out there. At the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, they give their students free business cards for this very reason, to stop the students procrastinating. My set of business cards arrived this week, I had a chance to personalise them on-line, and although they are not the sexiest cards in the world they have my details on them and best of all they were free and arrived within 2 weeks. Read More
12:53 PM

Day 6 10 day blog challenge - Finding your tribe

When you start out in business it can be like sailing a ship on your own. So finding your tribe is essential so that you can have a support network and grow. Today's challenge requires me to think about 1 to 2 people that I would like to have as a mentor and why they inspire me and what they have done that I think is pretty incredible, and then what questions I would ask these mentors if they were to come on board and help me. Read More
4:17 AM

Day 5 10 day blog challenge - Setting yourself up for success

I always feel so much more productive and in control of my life when I have my daily success plan or as I call it my daily focus form. If you don't have a daily success plan, then I recommend that you take some of these ideas and put them into action. I promise you that the time that you put aside to prep for the next day will pay you back at least two fold. Read More
12:53 PM

Day 4 10 day blog challenge - unlocking your superpowers

Today I am writing about unlocking my superpowers. What I realised when I started my fitness business back in 2010 was that running your own business means that you need to wear lots of different hats and some of those hats are easy to wear i.e. my superpowers and other hats just bore me to tears. On any given day I would be a fitness trainer, a marketing expert, a networker, an accounts person, the CEO of my business, the cleaner and on and on. Read More
12:31 PM

Day 3 10 day blog challenge - Creating a vision for the future

By spending time to create my perfect day it allows me to think about what I really value in my life. Like a lot of these exercises you often wonder why you are bothering to find time to write about this stuff rather than just getting on with it. But to my surprise by intentionally thinking about how my perfect day would look like this has given me the space to vividly imagine how in the perfect world I would go about my day. And to my delight I am already including much of this into my day. It has however allowed space to create an even better day. Read More
12:53 PM

Discovering your why - day 2 #10DBC

This is day 2 of Natalie Sissons 10 day blog challenge and today we are discovering our why. This is another really great question and timely for me to remind myself why I do what I do. The why for having my own freedom based business is so that I can filll my life with amazing experiences. This is why I run my own health and fitness business, and bed and breakfast. Not only do I meet and help incredicble people but my business allows me to take the winter off to re-charge and to travel the world to have amazing experiences and outdoor adventures. This keeps my passion bucket fill to overflowing so that I can give back to others for the other 9 months of the year. Read More