Day 3 10 day blog challenge - Creating a vision for the future

By spending time to create my perfect day it allows me to think about what I really value in my life. Like a lot of these exercises you often wonder why you are bothering to find time to write about this stuff rather than just getting on with it. But to my surprise by intentionally thinking about how my perfect day would look like this has given me the space to vividly imagine how in the perfect world I would go about my day. And to my delight I am already including much of this into my day. It has however allowed space to create an even better day.

I start by waking at dawn, naturally to my own built in alarm clock. I have a large class of warm water with a cap full of cider vinegar to get my body ready for the day.

This is followed with 10-15 minutes of meridian stretches to take great care of my organs. I then do 10 minutes of rebounding to some nice relaxing music to get the lymphatic system flowing. I spend 10 minutes listening to my favourite meditation to visualise my day ahead and then I round this off with writing in my daily journal. I have a name for this morning Ritual so I remember my 4 things... MRS J (Meditation, rebounding, stretching, journal).


I love this first part of my day when I have the day to myself and no other interruptions, for me rising early is the best gift I can give myself. I follow the MRS J ritual with a super yummy breakfast which is another magic part of my morning. Breakfast often varies but it fits in with my healthy lifestyle.

An hour or so later I either start taking my first fitness class for the day where I cater for the 6am gym ladies or if it is on one of my exercise mornings then I head out for 60-90 minutes with my exercise buddies to walk/run the block. We do this in winter with head lamps in -8 degree temps and we do it in summer when the day is getting light by 5am. It doesn't matter what time of year we get out and we do it. Having my fitness friends keeps me committed.

From here the day either continues with more fitness clients or I get into my study for the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Teaching and learning are my passion so having these in my perfect day are essential to my personal growth.

In my perfect day I take 20 minutes for a power nap so that I can re-charge my batteries and then I round out the later afternoon with work outside in the garden or I spend time in nature. I know that this is not the time for me to get great work done at the computer so I have knocked this off in the morning. I allow my day to flow with my energy levels and the afternoon is all about some gentle physical work that will keep the blood flowing and help me stay energised.

I finish the day with a healthy meal that I share with my husband Carl. I take some time to read a book and share the news of the  day with Carl and then I get to bed nice and early so that I can fully recharge for my next day ahead.

My perfect day finishes with me giving gratitude to all that I have.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3