Day 4 10 day blog challenge - unlocking your superpowers

Today I am writing about unlocking my superpowers so stay with me...

What I realised when I started my fitness business back in 2010 was that running your own business means that you need to wear lots of different hats and some of those hats are easy to wear i.e. my superpowers and other hats just bore me to tears. On any given day I would be a fitness trainer, a marketing expert, a networker, an accounts person, the CEO of my business, the cleaner and on and on.

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Yesterday on the blog we talked about finding our focus and this my friends is what we need to do to find out superpowers. We need to focus on our superpowers to create our thriving business, to create and carve out a career that we love. We need to stop trying to hold onto the stuff that bores us and bogs us down.

In the early days of my business I used my superpowers to create a thriving fitness business in Auckland with a really successful walking group, then I moved back to the South Island in 2014 and I lost my way and I couldn't see my superpowers anymore.

I went back to a 9 to 5 job for 2 years but then the restlessness inside told me that I had to get back out into the world and re-discover my superpowers and do the work that I came here to do.

So this year I have been studying at the Institiute of Integrated Nutrition and I am well on my way to starting my new thriving fitness and wellness business "Health and fitness from the inside out".

As I write this I am thinking about the things that come easy to me and I have to say that in the past I have always grappled with the concept of the things that are the easiest for you are often what you are best at. But much credit goes to Natalie Sisson for motivating us to do this 10-day blog challenge and to start writing and therefore thinking about the work that we are here to do and best of all what comes naturally.

So let's look at my superpowers and how I can serve YOU my community


My business hat superpowers download (2)

  1. Motivating and inspiring my clients - I LOVE helping others and seeing their change
  2. Organising, creating systems, developing products, figuring out techie stuff, writing newsletters
  3. Creating a community for my clients so they have the place to meet like-minded people and develop new friendships through working with me.
  4. Studying and continually learning, taking courses, doing webinars, doing challenges such as this
  5. Hands down got to be getting up early in the morning and getting stuff down - like writing this article!
  6. Enjoy public speaking and running events

My personal hat superpowers download (2)

  1. Inspiring others around me by leading a full and adventurous life
  2. Cooking, entertaining and being the organiser of social occasions
  3. Planning exciting weekends, holidays, adventures in my life
  4. Looking at the bright side
  5. Having a pacemaker fitted and turning it into a positive
  6. Have to put here - lawn mowing! I am in my happy place on the ride-on
  7. Having a clear vision of my future and being able to see what I can create
  8. Keeping myself fit and healthy 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4