Day 5 10 day blog challenge - Setting yourself up for success

I always feel so much more productive and in control of my life when I have my daily success plan or as I call it my daily focus form. If you don't have a daily success plan, then I recommend that you take some of these ideas and put them into action. I promise you that the time that you put aside to prep for the next day will pay you back at least two fold.

daily success plan

I carve out time at the end of each day to prepare for the following day. By getting ready the night before I know that my day is mapped out and I am ready to rock n roll in the morning. This makes the morning flow with ease and allows me to take "my time" each morning to work on my own self development and morning rituals. It stops the chatter going on in my head when I am taking "my time" because I am not getting distracted with trying to plan my day.

So here is how I plan my day, I have an A4 template that has 5 sections as follows:

1. To do today
Here I note all the things that I need to get done today - my most important actions

2. To do tomorrow
Here I list the things that are coming up for me tomorrow so that I can keep an eye on anything that I may need to prep for tomorrow too.

3. Upcoming to do's
This is where I take note of things that are coming up in the next week or so, and this helps me to remember what I have coming up that I need to start working towards, it also helps keep the mind calm not having to remember what is coming up.

4. Weekly intention
This is where I keep track of my weekly goals and intentions so that at the end of the week I can feel like my daily to do list was helping me to achieve my weekly intention.

5. Client intention
This is a great space to be clear about attracting new clients, connecting with clients, organising a client event etc etc

As well as my handy A4 daily focus form I block off time in my calendar to work on these tasks and at the end of the day I can visually see exactly where my time went for that day.

I also have a weekly goal planner for both business and personal stuff and so I keep an eye on these goals too and then schedule any to do's into my daily action plan.

I have a weekly accountability partner and we skype each other once a week... she is based in the states and I am in New Zealand, I always know that I need to get my weekly to do's completed in time for our call. We both value the support of an accountability partner. I highy recommend having an accountability buddy if you want to get stuff done!

This blog challenge is a great example of having daily focus and I find that if I write the blog post as soon as I get up in the morning it keeps me to a really tight time frame and I get it done! This is living proof Day 5 of the challenge and still going strong.

Planning out your day is one of the best ways that you can stay productive & it stops you from getting distracted by all the noise going on around you. If you are the type of person who never has enough time in the day then please take one thing away from reading this post and plan your day.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5