Day 6 10 day blog challenge - Finding your tribe

When you start out in business it can be like sailing a ship on your own. So finding your tribe is essential so that you can have a support network and grow.

Today's challenge requires me to think about 1 to 2 people that I would like to have as a mentor and why they inspire me and what they have done that I think is pretty incredible, and then what questions I would ask these mentors if they were to come on board and help me.

For me a mentor is someone who has already walked my path and has gained wisdom and insights that they can pass onto me and in turn help me flourish and grow as a person.

I am currently studying at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition to become a health coach. The founder of the school; Joshua Rosenthal would be the first mentor I would turn to.


The ripple effect this man has created not only for his students but also for the clients of his students is nothing short of incredible. I admire the work he does and the school that he has created. His laid back approach and the neutral approach he takes on nutrition (be like Switzerland) makes me hungry to learn more from this genius.

If I could have 6 months of mentoring with Joshua I know that this would change my life forever. The questions that I would ask Joshua would be around making me the best listener ever because this is the golden key to our success in this business. Sounds simple and it is but most of us always want to jump in and give people advice rather than letting the person heal themselves by allowing them to do the talking.

I would also ask Joshua what he had to go without in order to create the school that he has created today. I am sure that there were many lean times for him as he worked on his vision to create the largest school of its kind in the world. I would love to get inside his head and find out if he ever thought when he started out that his school would get to where it is today. And finally I would ask him how having his own tribe and building the school with an amazing team of experts helped him to go from a one-man band to the amazing team that he has today.

If I had the choice then this would be the one mentor who I would choose to shake the world under my feet and propel me to the next level. I know that this would be a life changing 6 months and it would challenge me to grow on all levels.

Just writing this blog post has excited me and made me realise how much I love to have a mentor.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6