Day 7 10 day blog challenge - Beating procrastination and overwhelm

Procrastination is not my friend, the key to success is about taking small steps rather than waiting to be perfect. How many times do you see someone starting out in business and they get paralysed at the first step - making their business cards, they say that they can't start their business until they have their cards. I say forget the cards and just get out there. At the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, they give their students free business cards for this very reason, to stop the students procrastinating. My set of business cards arrived this week, I had a chance to personalise them on-line, and although they are not the sexiest cards in the world they have my details on them and best of all they were free and arrived within 2 weeks.

download (6)This 10-day blog challenge is a perfect example of imperfect action, since taking part in this blog challenge and through the imperfect action that I have been taking I have had some really good insights into my life and my business. On the other hand, had I waited for everything to be perfect I wouldn't have taken any action at all. Every morning the first thing that I do is write this blog post. I am using a new blog platform and so I could have easily decided that I didn't know enough about the platform, but instead these 7 days (so far) have helped me to get more familiar with the blogging platform. Imperfect action always out rules no action. So thanks Natailie for creating this  challenge.

One thing that I have been procrastinating on is starting up cooking classes because I don't have the right space to start holding these classes. What I need to do is to just advertise a date and pick a topic for my first class and start out really small. I can grow the classes organically as I progress.

I know that if I do take this imperfect action then not only will I learn from taking the class but my clients are going to benefit from me sharing my knowledge with them too. Why would you sit back and procrastinate when you have so much to share?

Ok so writing this blog post this morning has made me decide that it is time to take some more imperfect action!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7