Day 8 10 day blog challenge - Choosing your adventure

Last night I was telling a friend that Carl and I are going to start to take Sunday's off and have some fun... so what great timing that having an adventure is today's topic.... we need to add adventure back into our lives for sure.

FullSizeRenderToday I entered a 5km walk/run with some of the ladies from my fitness classes. The event is called the kilt canter and is part of our local Scottish week festivities. You can see me there with my kilt on and ready to go. What I loved about this adventure was the comradery of my friends and that we had heaps of fun participating in the event - we didn't focus on our time we were there simply for pleasure, and to have fun.

For the past 6 months Carl and I have worked every weekend and there has been very little time for adventure. I know that all work and no play makes for a dull existence. Admittedly if we didn't put the work in we wouldn't have been ready to have our house on the market and start and next adventure.

Last weekend we discussed the fact that all we do is work and so we made a pact that we will take Sunday off to have fun and go on mini adventures. This is a really big part of my why and is just as important as achieving my goals. My next step is going to be planning out 5 to 6 adventures that we can do over the next month or so and then go and do them. I feel excited just thinking about them.

We have booked tickets to New York next June for 3 weeks and so knowing that this trip is in the pipeline gives me something to look forward to. I will make sure we have lots of fun and adventure on this trip and can't wait to start planning!

Life passes us by so fast and I want to be remembered as a person who lived an exciting life.

So here are some ways that I am going to add some excitement and adventure back into my life:

1. Eat breakfast outside on the deck and use the power plug on the deck to plug my toaster in... fun!

2. Buy a caravan - when we start our next adventure it may require us to live in a caravan for 2 years! Bring it on, packing to go away for the weekend will be super easy, just take the house with us!

3. Invite some friends over - we have purchased a cool new building and it has a really beautiful room with stone walls that we have set up as a temporary lounge. This is a cool spot to host some friends.

4. Stop waiting and decide that I am the creator of my life and my dreams so if I want to do           something then just go do it.

5. Take a mountain bike for a test drive and decide if I want to buy it.

6. Cycle the Clutha Gorge trail and take the jet boat ride - have wanted to do this for ages and it is on my doorstep

7. Go for a day hike and make an awesome yummy picnic to take.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8