Day 9 blog challenge - Location independence

Today we are writing about how we would take a location independent holiday for a month, while exploring the country we are visiting and still working. 
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I have chosen to take a month long trip to Greece for the purpose of today's blog... something I want to do!

I have several businesses that I run and the first is a bed and breakfast that caters for cyclists. So I have chosen to go to Greece during the winter months which allows me to shut the business up for a couple of months and travel.

Alongside this business I am also a health coach. I have regular clients who are enrolled in my 6 month programme and talk to me over skype on a fortnightly basis.

While I am in Greece I am going to go hiking in Zagoria, a stunning walk in northern Greece. So I plan to shuffle all of my clients into 3 afternoons while I am in Greece. I won't be taking on any new clients, just maintaining my existing clients. I will schedule them from Mon-wed afternoon every 2 weeks. This will give me a 4-day weekend one week and the entire week off the next to go do things like the Zagoria (9)

Due to the time zone I will start my coaching sessions at 5am local time which will be 2pm in the afternoon NZ time. This will allow me to see 5 clients per day for 3 days of the week.

I will be running a group coaching class that I will start the week prior to me going away... I will spend the month prior to going focusing on my launch for this programme which will be based around how to live a healthy lifestyle while travelling and on the go!

On Thursday and Friday of the week that I have clients I will continue to work for 3 hours in the morning 5am - 8am to blog about my adventures. Being in the fitness and wellness industry I plan to have mini adventures in the afternoon that gives me something to blog about the following morning and to give me great content for my group coaching programme - how to live a healthy lifestyle while travelling and on the go.

Because I did so much work prior to leaving for Greece with my launch and scheduling my one on one clients into days/slots that worked for me I really plan to use this trip to take as much time out as I can and to do as many adventures as possible as this is who I am and part of what I blogged about on day 2 of this challenge - finding your why.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9