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My defining moment


I didn't fall into my purpose by accident; instead I was guided to inspire others to change. You might be surprised to learn that it is my own health struggles that has lead me to where I am today – IN 2011 I never expected that I would be struck down with a heart condition that required me to have a pacemaker fitted.

It would have been easy to let this setback slow me down, but do you think I let it? No way! I turned this challenge into motivation to live life to the full, and encourage others to do the same.

And it even got me a sponsored trip to America in 2013 as a Medtronic Global Hero to run a marathon in Minneapolis.

I realised I needed to change


My background includes a highly successful career as manager of the acclaimed Queenstown Winter Festival and this position offered me a particular understanding of how stress plays a major role in our health. After finishing the Winter Festival in 2009 I decided that I wanted to not only reduce the stress in my life but assist others to do the same in their life too.

So with a passion for women’s wellness, I have developed my blueprint for assisting busy women improve the quality of their lives through exercise and nutrition programs and in a nutshell this is how I got to where I am now.

Today I thrive on being part of a small community, living in Roxburgh and exploring everything that Central Otago has to offer.

TV 1 breakfast New York Marathon interview
Registered Exercise Professional REPS NZ
Sally Feinerman Running in the Medtronic Marathon
Fitness Fix participants at Auckland Adidas Marathon

                                                     What my clients think about me...

Linda Says...


Debbie says...

  • Awesome at setting goals and achieving them
  • Continues to learn and try new things
  • Consistently there for others, e.g. keeps clients on track by sending out exercise goals, interesting articles, recipes etc
  • Good listener
  • Is a great example - seeing someone actually living and breathing a healthy lifestyle - makes it easy to adopt it yourself
  • Treats each person as an individual
  • Education and support around exercise and healthy eating plans
  • Sally has been very helpful with information regarding food and what aids and hinders good gut health

As a respected health cand fitness expert, Sally's inspirational story has seen her featured in: