Make your New Year's resolution stick

We often see the New Year as a fresh start; throw away the old habits that don’t serve us and start with the new habits. We begin with gusto but by the end of January many of us have given up and settled back into life with our old ways, deciding that it is far harder than we first thought.
So here are some helpful tools to make your resolutions stick.

 Personally, I like to break the year into 4 quarters just like your business. The first step is to set a goal for this quarter, which ties in nicely with Easter.

1. Getting Started

If your goal is to run 10km, a 1/2 marathon or a full marathon then start out by doing some planning. Think about what help you might need in achieving your goal. Perhaps joining a running group? Having someone write you a training plan? Thinking about your finish time? Do you need new running shoes? What event are you going to enter?

The same principal applies to eating healthier, look at ways of reducing the junk food that you buy each week and see if you can start to replace some of this with more healthy and nutritious food. It could be that you start by giving your cupboards a clean out, and then write yourself a shopping list of healthy food to stock your pantry.

Action Step:

Start by writing down your goal and the baby steps you need to take to reach your goal, bite size chunks make it seem so much more achievable.  Be creative with your goals if you are a visual person then draw your goals rather than writing boring lists as this will be sure to excite you.

2. Embrace Change

Rather than thinking about short term gains start to think of it as a commitment that will continue for the rest of your life. I like to think of the end picture and then work backwards from there. What kind of person do you want to be when you are older? Do you want to be fit and healthy or in pain and have a poor quality of life? Who do you look up to & wish you could become?

 It will help you overcome your unhealthy habits if you can see the benefit of creating long term change.

Many of us fear change, but once we make a start we often wonder why we didn’t do it years ago, what if we started with a walk after dinner instead of watching TV and eating dessert, and if that one change alone could make us feel more alive, energetic, and healthier, wouldn’t we want more of it?

Action Step

Create a vision board of what you would like your future life to look like. Creating pictures in our mind can help in so many ways to create the lasting change we so desire. (Remember to dream big). And then think of one small change that you could make, that could have a massive benefit to your long-term health.

3. Accountability and Support Systems

Having people to share your goal with really does work. But be mindful about who your cheerleaders are. If you have close friends who will pull you down, then look for external support groups and networks.

Every day I see the benefits of group exercise. People get more motivated, push harder, and get better results than when exercising alone. You might like to join a group or it could be simply exercising with a buddy for accountability. Do what works best for you & most importantly do what fits into your schedule so that you continue doing it.

Creating your own support network

This is an example of what I did when I was training for a marathon in Auckland... I like to make training as fun as possible and love running with friends on my longer training runs. So, I spoke to a couple of running buddies and suggested we do a cafe running tour of Auckland, I was sure this would get their buy in.

I explained that the plan is to meet up every Sunday morning in a different location in Auckland, do our run and then try out a different cafe for brunch.  

I sold them on 4 Benefits:

We have a regular catch up
We get to exercise as well as be social
We get to have a healthy treat at the end of the run
We get to explore different parts of this fantastic city.

And do you think I got their buy in? Of course, I did. Then I got the fun task of creating our schedule and researching great cafes in Auckland.

Action Step

What group could you start or become part of to make reaching your goal fun?

Is 2017 your year of making those resolutions stick? Just remember to plan, embrace change and create your own support network, and most importantly have fun!

If you need support in reaching your goal for 2017 then please get in touch with me as I would be thrilled to help you reach your goal.