Casino game and omens of players

Casino game and omens of players

For many, casinos are an illustration of wealth, attitude to money and ability to take risks. Sometimes playing is the only way to feed yourself adrenaline, drive blood and take a desperate risk.

Everybody’s got their omens.

Everybody's got their omens.

Playing on earth began when God created Adam and Eve. Historians claim that Nero did not let him get in the way of the game even while Rome was burning. The Emperor of Caligula, having lost his life, ordered two rich men to be arrested in the street, accused them of high treason, confiscated their property, and … continued playing the game against him.

The passion for gambling goes back centuries. English King Henry VIII lost the famous “Bell of Jesus” – the main decoration of St. Paul’s Cathedral. And when the winner – Sir Partridge – wanted his bell, the King hung it upside down.

Dostoevsky in 1865, with 3000 rubles – a fee for a collection of works, went straight to Baden-Baden, where he lost every last penny at the roulette table. But if for the writer this story ended badly, then humanity has only benefited from it: it was after that was written the world-famous novel “The Player.

Slaves of excitement were Alexander Dumas, Giacomo Casanova, Elvis Presley, King Farouk of Egypt. The latter, by the way, could play all day long, put millions at stake and never regretted losing. As one of the most experienced players in baccarat, he once lost 250 thousand dollars to Hollywood film magnate Jack Warner. Warner’s most impressive win was over 30 million francs.

Players have their own quirks – unconditional faith in the omens that help to determine whether today will be a good day or not.

“They play at a certain table, come to the casino in certain happy clothes. “A lot of people only cut the deck with their left hand and rub it against the cloth of the table before placing a chip.”

Others look out before playing and sit down with those who are lucky enough to come to the “happy” table.

By the way, the opposite, no less superstitious camp also has its own beliefs – the army of croupiers, pit bosses and managers, who are just as trying to please Miss Good luck, performing rites in her honor.

Regulars at some casinos have probably noticed: once Fortuna has smiled at someone several times in a row, the “clumsy” waitress immediately tilts the tray with something wet – and “excuse me, could you move to another table?”.

“Opponents” players know a lot of right ways to lure luck to their side: many croupiers, for example, put in their badge some mascot: romance – a picture of a loved one, pragmatics – a banknote. They do not fasten their shirt under the vest or pull a shoelace out of one shoe.

Totally avoid the influence is difficult, so many, even the most professional players, they have their own.

How do you win at a casino

How do you win at a casino

Often men take women with them as a talisman to the casino. The casino is not a ship, luck is guaranteed! And a woman must be near the whole game but do not play and in no case do not talk.

Failure for the croupier foreshadowed small money on the table, so some players put a special coin near him.

Before the game determines the luckiest player, wait for him to leave, and immediately take his place.

Place the money intended for the game, in a separate pocket and mentally say goodbye to them, because ease – that’s what appreciates Fortune.

Losing is the promise of other omens. For example, to give money in debt during the game – not on the apron, empty dishes on the table – also not a good omen. To tip until the end of the game is to give back the winnings.

Wishing good luck (or worse, winning) just before visiting a gambling establishment is also bad luck.

It is not recommended to look in the mirror before the game – you will surely be washed in ashes! And to break the mirror on the eve of the game is a very bad omen: it means to lose everything!

If during the game a woman touches your shoulder or if you meet a woman on the way to the casino – do not see luck as their ears!

At the same time, you should remember that if a player loses by letting go of his passions, the demon of failure will follow him until he leaves the gambling house.

If you are unlucky in cards – get up and three times wrap around your axis with a chair. It is also considered bad to sit with your legs crossed while playing cards.

If there are two decks of cards and you are asked which one you will play, you should choose the far one.
If your partner has lost, then never say “bad luck”, otherwise next time you may not be lucky.

It’s bad luck to have a man with a squint at the table.

If you have bad luck for a long time, you can change your luck by putting your handkerchief on a chair and sitting on it. You can also attract luck to the cards while shuffling.

If you have bad cards for a long time, you can change your luck by putting your handkerchief on a chair and sitting on it. You can also attract luck to the cards while shuffling.

The luckiest place is the one facing the door, the unluckiest place is the one facing the back to the fireplace.
Superstitious card players do not tolerate the presence of dogs in the room, as they believe that they are the cause of quarrels. Also among players, it is considered a bad example to touch a cat.

A bad day for playing cards is Friday or the thirteenth day of the month. However, if it turns out that you are playing on this day, you can always hope that luck will turn away from your partner, not you.

What do astrologers think?

There is the following legend. Some eccentric player named Blanchard was going to enter the casino Monte Carlo when suddenly a flying pigeon soiled the fields of his hat. That day, Blanchard made a huge score. Having established a causal link between the two events, Blanchard would return to his cherished place many times and walk around waiting for the pigeon to appear. When his perseverance had been rewarded, he hurried to the gaming table and the omen came true again. Since then, his name has become among the players a symbol of happiness, which can “give” a flying bird.

When a man wins, his attitude towards money becomes easy, and ease is exactly what Fortune loves. Many prominent players have noticed some mystical connection between their attitude to money and favor of Fortune. Another poet Nekrasov, going to a major game, put money intended for loss in a separate pocket. “It is necessary,” he said, “to treat this money as if it were gone.

In Venice, all non-political criminals were executed in the square in front of the palace of Doge, ruler of the Republic. At the palace, the columns of St. Mark and St. Feodor were towering. The criminals were hanged between these columns. According to the traditions that have developed over the years, this place was considered the happiest for gambling: right in the square there were tables of bankers with piles of gold, and the bankers themselves shuffled cards calmly, not embarrassed by the kingdom of the executioner.

In St. Petersburg, due to the same superstition, the most favorable place to play for a long time was considered to be the outskirts of the Lithuanian castle – in the immediate vicinity of the prison and the hangman’s house.

It is believed that some people are marked by a special curse: luck always walks beside them, but they personally never have luck. One of the regulars at the Las Vegas casino bitterly shared with journalists:

  • A lady right next to me took a huge jackpot last night. Some guy in a couple of cars took a big hit off me too. I’m just surrounded by the lucky ones, wherever I go. But I always lose out myself.

Astrologers admit that the results of the game can be influenced by a huge number of factors: the location of the stars (in the first place), but in addition: the color of your clothes, whether or not in harmony with the sign of the zodiac, the fact from which feet you got up, the metal from which your jewelry is made, precious and semi-precious stones, attracting or, conversely, repulsive luck. Among other factors may be the most unexpected events: the direction of the wind, falling from the hands of the keys or other “trifles” that the average person would never pay attention to.

How much is the casino ghost?

How much is the casino ghost?

It is commonly believed that ghosts are an attribute of castles or mansions that have stood for hundreds of thousands of years. That’s where mysterious and sometimes just scary stories usually happen. So, for obvious reasons, in the buildings of gambling houses – most often new buildings – otherworldly forces seemingly should not exist. However, as practice shows, there are exceptions.

They say that this case occurred not so long ago in one of the major casinos in Los Angeles. A lost visitor fell asleep in a chair in the furthest corner of the hall with grief, and when he finally opened his eyes, there was dawn outside the window. And there was no one around.

The player decided to go looking for security, but then a strange rustle attracted his attention. In the middle of the hall stood a beautiful girl in an old-fashioned dress. And suddenly she swam across the hall half a meter above the floor, and the dress behind her turned into a mist. Breathing a little with fear, the player watched as a light figure slid above the floor. She stopped above a roulette table and seemed to be thinking. The wheel wrapped up, calling, flew towards him towards the ball, and the girl looked at the end of the frightened man, nodded and disappeared …

As for midnight, the next day he won big, betting on a number that fell out in his night adventure.

The delirium of the blue mare, will you smile? Maybe… However, some casino owners are literally dreaming of getting some kind of ghost in their place. And the American online casino is already lucky in this respect. It has become the owner of a paranormal cane, which allegedly lives in the ghost of an American who died of cancer. The cane – and the ghost attached to it – was sold at an eBay auction for $65,000!

The mystical lot put up for auction by the deceased’s daughter. She decided to do it after her six-year-old son complained that his grandfather’s ghost frightened him.

“Until recently, I thought it was just the usual fears of a normal child,” says Mary Anderson. – But a few months ago, he told me exactly what he was so afraid of. Grandpa died,” he told me, “and his ghost is still here.

Just in case he didn’t scare off potential customers, Anderson emphasized: “My father was the sweetest man, the most caring of all.” However, the deceased, as Mary Anderson admits, often used a cane to punish the child for childish pranks.

By the way, the Internet casino in addition to the ghost with a cane bought at an auction eBay another paranormal lot. In the property of is now – according to official statements of the casino itself – a toast with the face of the Virgin Mary. Mystical toast is now being taken all over America, raising money for charities.

He have already paid a total of $30,000 for the right to see a fried piece of bread, which if you want to see a woman’s face, and if you want, even more, the face of the Virgin Mary. For the toast, which for 10 years has not become moldy and crumpled, the representatives of paid 28 thousand dollars…

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