Questions and Answers

Questions and answers to the fortune teller

If you’re already on this page, then there’s a problem in your life.

Fortune-telling about love is very popular, because heartfelt questions have been bothering people for a long time. It is believed that fortune-telling on maps originated in Russia in the era of girl’s recluse, during which a girl was fortune-telling on his narrow-minded. But this practice is much older. Thousands of years of knowledge and craving for them have done their job: fortune-telling became an integral part of the life of an unmarried girl, and having reborn into a universal boom, and became a fashionable device in the modern world.

Yes, fortune-telling is fashionable. Some clubs invite me to guess at their parties, my friends call me to guess at New Year’s parties for the year to come. And believe me, the theme of relationships is eight out of ten.

Now let me help you write the right questions and answer yours:

-They say to guess sin, and the church does not approve.

For those who truly believe in it – Yes, sin. I respect all world religions – they define a variety of life situations and challenges. The essence of religion is to distract a person from his or her ego-programs and direct him or her to acquire higher spiritual values and qualities. My job is to do the same. So I see no difference and personally I do not consider divination to be a sin. The decision to turn to a fortune-teller is the determination to correct one’s life for the better by turning to one’s guardian angel directly through maps, and he, in turn, draws the fortune-teller’s hands to the right maps.

  • I meet a man and I want to see if he is my destiny.

It is not a very correct question from the karma point of view, where all the acquaintances, parents, the other half are given for you to become better and develop, despite the fact that you receive from this relationship – suffering or love. But it is possible and necessary to look at how this relationship can be corrected or finished, if it is only your straw that you do not want to let go.

  • Does my other half change me.

If you know exactly what you’re going to do with this information and how you’re going to use it later, you can see it. But if it’s to make a scandal of your loved one again, it’s stupid. It is better to see your relationship through the eyes of a loved one and try to find out what you can change, and how to save the relationship in the future.

  • Is it possible to entice your loved one?

Witchcraft is the so-called black magic, which is often advertised behind a veil of pious intentions and appears as “without sin and harm to health”. But, it must be understood that interference with the will of another person is always punished from above. The same is true of magic aimed at punishing rivals, paying back debts, avoiding punishment. I do not do such services for reasons of ethics and I do not want to burden my karma and my clients, misleading them.

  • I think that on my beloved person, what to do?

As a rule, a lie is a punishment for a person’s indecision and his wicked actions. I often come across the fact that sketches work on people who have psychological problems, when a person walks away from problems and let everything go on its own, not daring to say about his choice of the other half. By increasing his spiritual development, a person always takes responsibility for himself and others. But people who are far away from it suffer more often from spells and negative influences. Energy protection of a man is determined by his spiritual development.
In order to give a man a chance to get his will, it is desirable to take care of him and remove all negative influences from third parties. At the same time, people who are not necessary for him will leave, and the necessary ones will stay. Who knows, maybe his will is your strong family.

  • Will I ever get married in my life…

It is desirable to limit the time of predictions, because anything can happen for life. A man changes. For illustration, we can give the following example: when a person gets a tattoo, often after a few years, regrets about it, because the values, environment, individual qualities have changed.

  • What awaits me in the future?

It is desirable to determine in what area you want a prediction. “For the future”, as gypsies, I don’t guess. The right question will make it easier to understand what you came for.

  • Is your guessing a 100% result or can you change it?

I predict the most likely outcome if you don’t want to change the future yourself. Prediction may not come true if you are not satisfied with it and do everything you can to prevent it from happening. Everything is in your hands. You’re not happy with the prediction? I’ll only be glad if you change your future and it doesn’t come true. I’m also giving myself a month’s worth of cards to change what I’m not happy with, because how do you say, “Forewarned is armed.”

Think about how many mistakes could we have avoided or caught luck by the tail, if we made a straw in time or did not fall at all?!! If someone had known beforehand about the crisis, they would have probably not sat idly by, but managed to prepare… But if you are satisfied with everything, then you will not do anything special, allowing the forecast to come true.

Well, if it’s not convincing, then the Tarot predicting is pretty accurate. I would denote 95%, leaving the remaining 5% to the free will of the man and his ability to change the situation, to the activity and desire of the man to make his own destiny with his own hands.

  • Tell me about my past, I want to test you.

If you already have such an aversion to “charlatans” in absentia, it is desirable not to go and waste your time. Perhaps, in this case, you need to solve your own problems without the help of a tarologist.

One last thing – do not think that there is a magic wand. There are some missions for which a man was born, and he is fulfilling his program for the purpose